Financial Domination

 About Me

Financial DominatrixFrom the day I was born I knew I was inherently better than the average person.  I’ve been vain from the day I took My first breath. 


I knew, even at such a young age, the power I had over the entire male gender.  I have been able to manipulate nearly every male I’ve ever come into contact with.  Whether it is My brothers, father, boy friends, or even My pathetic little worshippers, I have always had a power over them. 


My power stems back to My father, who always made sure I always got what I wanted, regardless of the cost.  Anything I ever wanted, My father made sure he got it to me.  The last thing My father ever wanted to do was to disappoint his perfect little Princess girl. 


Even My brothers were made into My little puppets, doing My chores for Me, cleaning My room, and running My errands.  Then as I grew older I turned this power on to others.


Soon after I had boys at school eating out of My hands.  These boys, mostly none I ever allowed to be My Boy friend, would buy My lunch, carry My books, and chauffeur My friends and I to parties.   I was a gorgeous blonde Goddess the day I was born and that will stay with Me until the day I die. 


I have this power, and I know how to use it.  The power of being BLONDE, GORGEOUS, and DOMINANT.